Exercise Dice, Workout Dice with 36 HIIT Workouts and 12 Yoga Stretch Training, 4-Pack Fitness Dice for Home Workouts, Body Weight Workout, Cardio, with a Mesh Carrying Bag and Instruction

Product description:

Made of High-Quality durable soft foam, lightweight and portable.

Product Specs:

  • 12-sided exercise dice
  • 3 exercise dice and 1 cyan yoga dice
  • Each dice about 4-inch
  • Yellow for beginner. Green for intermediate. Blue for expert.

Product description

  • Special Design with Yoga Dice: 4-Pack workout dice for exercise with 3 exercise dice and 1 cyan yoga dice, the yellow is for beginner, green for intermediate and the blue for expert. Just follow the command from simple to hard by rolling the exercise dice for workouts, do stretching according to the yoga dice; you can make a full body workout.
  • Great Fitness Dice for Beginner : The fitness dice for adults and for kids are with multiple exercise and scientific combination. 1728 different combinations and 12 unique yoga help you say goodbye to repetitive exercises, no need to think about exercise positions. Never get bored of the same old fitness or yoga routine again! Ensure your workouts never get dull.
  • Workout Anywhere, Play Individual or Home Games: The exercise dice for home workouts is light and easy to carry. It’s 4×4 inches with a mesh carrying bag, and made of light weight foam, you can take your workout routine indoors or outdoors. It’s not only convenient for fitness class, game for group training, also a fun and exciting way to get fit with friends or family.
  • No Need Equipment, Money and Space-Saving: Exercise dice help you get rid of complex workout gear, HIIT equipment or venues. 12-Side workout dice includes fun exercise such as plank, jumping jacks, push ups, squats and crunches. Perfect exercise dice for home fitness, bodyweight workout, HIIT, cardio and sports training, yoga, stretching, strength training. Bundle with a fitness exercise manual that explains every exercise.
  • Excellent and Special Gift: Our fitness dice sets are great workout gifts for women, men, and kids! Special gifts for your favorite fitness trainer, coach, or loved one. Also physical education equipment for kids and gift for group fitness dice game!




With Our Exercise Dice, Exercise Routine will Never be Boring Again!


Repetitive daily workout can affect your enthusiasm for exercise, and may not help you build your muscle effectively.

Mixing Up Your Workout Routine is The Key to Stimulating Different Muscle groups & Beat Boredom.

Our workout dice combines a variety of common used exercise scientifically, and adds a yoga dice, which can be used for stretching before or after fitness.

No Need Equipment, Great for both workout novices and fitness enthusiasts!

  • Our exercise dice set includes these exercises: Jumping Jacks, Burpees, Lunges, Glute Bridge, Squats, Walking Lunges, Climbers, Push ups, Planks, Skaters, Crunches, Supermans, Floor Dips, High Knees, Knee Strikes & Stretch Training Exercises. And you could do stretching by rolling the yoga dice such as CHAIR POSE and NAMASTE.
  • The dice contain exercises that are suitable for all levels, from beginners to professionals. We designed these workout dice in such a way that no muscle group is left out of the training. By rolling the dice, you can train your arms, legs, core and thighs.


An excellent gift choice

  • Fitness Dice for Adults and Kids are a great gift for fitness enthusiasts, fitness trainers, physical therapists or for friends and family who are committed to losing weight or healthy living!
  • It’s not only convenient for fitness class, game for group training, also a fun and exciting way to get fit with friends or family.



  • 4 * 12-Sided Exercise Dice (1728 different combinations and 12 unique yoga)
  • Exercise Illustration Booklet
  • A Mesh Carrying Bag